Friday, December 9, 2011

Mens Birkenstocks Are Great for Tired Feet

Not only women can have the comfort of form fitting shoes and boots. Birkenstock
also offers men the same comforts. Men spend a lot of time on thier feet all day, and
need a boot that will allow them to move freely without putting stress on the pressure points
of your feet. The contoured foot bed is number one in comfort and foot health.
Men deserve a boot that will give them firm support which are made from the highest quality
materials. With Christmas on the way, I'm sure Santa will be leaving lots of Birkenstocks
under the tree.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Women’s Shoes

Women’s Shoes – Not necessarily Expensive
‘A pair of new shoes might not cure a broken heart or soothe a tension headache but they will relieve the symptoms and chase away the blues’ –these words were written by the famous Fashion critic, Holly Brubach. Well this statement reflects that shoes are of immense importance and they are an integral part of fashion. The origin of women shoes dates back to before Christ. In some parts of the world, they are a symbol of status.
Women are especially finicky about shoes compared to men. Besides jewelry, purses and clothes, there is definitely something special about women shoes. With the passage of time, women’s shoes have changed. At a regular intervals we usually see a new trend in shoes. Very interestingly, each new style is a reinvention of fashions from decades ago with some added innovation and twist in design.
Apart from style and designs of women shoes, another important aspect that needs to be considered, is the cost. We all want or need affordable shoes, especially for daily wear but we still want something stylish. Cheap women’s shoes are not only affordable but they can be designer inspired and in vogue.
If you want a few pairs of contemporary designer shoes, but have a tight budget, then look at the different cheap women’s shoes available. Although everyone covets branded shoes, but owing to a limited budget, cheap women’s shoes are certainly the best pick.
You will be quite surprised to find that you will find a great variety of styles and brands of shoes available for less than $25. So if you envy the pair of shoes that your friend owns, don’t worry, you can also have an equally eye-catching pair of women’s shoes –all you need to do is to survey the market and do some research and then pick the best pair for you.
There are several shoe stores that have a number of shoes available below 20$. You can also make your purchases online. Owning cheap women’s shoes is not at all difficult. Even though it might take a little research to make the ideal purchase but you will soon realize that it’s worth it!
Usually, online stores sell relatively cheap women’s shoes. They can afford to offer reasonable discounts because they don’t have to invest on floor costs or in house assistants. These online stores have hundreds of varieties of shoes that people from different parts of the world purchase. Thus they can afford to offer reasonably cheaper prices. Also, the online stores have special arrangements with several designers and so they can obtain somewhat discounted prices on shoes.
The discount prices usually vary in the range 25%-40%. However, be careful that you buy genuine shoes and do not end up buying the fake ones. If there is an excessively low price, then there is a big possibility of the shoes being a sham.
Also, try not to order replica designer shoes. The chief reason being that these replica designer shoes may harm your feet. The quality of materials in the shoes determines their comfort. So buying the replica shoes means that you will not only waste money but also you will not feel comfortable.
Keeping the above tips in mind while shoe shopping will make you the owner of a huge collection of some wonderful pairs of women’s shoes at cheap prices. Spend some time but less money and you can definitely bag the best picks one could ever find.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Proper-Fitting Shoes: A Step In The Right Direction

An estimated three out of four Americans experience foot problems in their lifetime-and women have about four times as many foot problems as men.
Common foot ailments
A lot of women's foot ailments are the result of poorly fitting shoes and high heels, although some sources are congenital. Some common problems include:
Bunions-Big toe joints go out of alignment and they become swollen and painful. Wearing narrow, pointed-toe footwear aggravates this condition.
 Plantar fasciitis-An inflammation of the connective tissue, which runs from the heel to the ball of the foot, called plantar fascia, causing foot pain.
Metatarsalgia-Generalized pain in the forefoot area, often caused by wearing high-heeled, narrow-pointed shoes.
In general, feet are susceptible to fungal infections that can result in itching and burning. Fungal infections under toenails can make walking, standing and wearing shoes incredibly painful. Foot and toenail infections are often contagious, and can be spread on floors, on carpets and even in the bathtub or shower.
Heels and your feet
High heels have been known to cause knee pain, back pain as well as foot problems. Heels shorten calf muscles and prolonged wearing of heels causes changes to the shape of the feet and may impair normal foot function. Wearing of high-heeled shoes causes increased pressure buildup in the forefoot area. This results in forefoot pain and the formation of corns. Wearing a lower-heel shoe helps to distribute the pressure experienced by the foot.
Pregnancy and pronation
Due to the natural weight gain during pregnancy, a woman's center of gravity is altered. This causes a new weight-bearing stance and added pressure to the knees and feet. Two of the most common foot problems experienced by pregnant women are overpronation and edema. These problems can lead to pain at the heel, arch or ball of the foot.
Overpronation, also referred to as flat feet, can create extreme stress or inflammation on the plantar fascia. This makes walking very painful and can increase strain on the feet, calves and/or back. Edema, also referred to as swelling in the feet, normally occurs in the latter part of pregnancy.
Picking the right shoe
 Buy shoes in the afternoon, as feet tend to swell during the day.
 The length of your shoe should be a thumb's spacing from the longest toe to the end of the shoe.
 Buy shoes with a fastening (laces, buckle), with a wide heel base and no more than 13/4 inches in height.
 The widest part of your foot should correspond with the widest area of the shoe.
 Shoes with firm rubber soles and soft leather uppers are preferable.
Take foot health seriously; if you suffer from dry skin or brittle nails and want your feet to look and feel better, visit a podiatrist to learn more about preventing and treating foot problems.
Steps for healthier feet
Wear properly fitting shoes.
 Keep your feet cool and dry.
 Avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row.
 Always wear shoes in public areas, including hotel rooms and health clubs, to avoid getting an infection.
 Use a disinfectant spray regularly to kill germs in your shoes.
 Use only sterile pedicure instruments.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birkenstocks - Comfortable Sandals That Are Good For Your Back

Do you know where the term "footbed" comes from? Most people have no idea that the term originated with the revolutionary sandal maker Konrad Birkenstock a 19th century shoemaker from Germany. Before Birkenstock shoes were all made with completely flat soles and had no arch support. They developed a revolution in shoe making by designing footwear that matched the actual shape of a person's foot.
Initially their idea was sold as an insert to be used in other shoes that had no shape. Their company took off as a major manufacturer of orthopedic inserts. They were called "footbed supports" and the term 'footbed' became a legal trademark of the Birkenstock company.
As time went by they realized that their novel footbed support concept could be extended into different types of footwear that they could make themselves. The original sandals they developed were intended to give the wearer a near barefoot experience while still providing fantastic support and protection of the wearer's sole. Little did they realize how much of a revolution they would create in the shoe and footwear industry.
People quickly found that not only were they comfortable, but they also helped greatly with many foot and back problems by providing the arch support and proper fit that had been missing in shoes and sandals to that point. Today Birkenstock sandals and other footwear are frequently 'prescribed' by podiatrists as part of normal care for people with foot, lower leg, and back problems. In particular the 'heel-less sandals' are known to greatly strengthen and tone calf muscles.
From their humble beginnings as simple shoemakers, Birkenstocks have become producers of some of the most recognized shoes and sandals in the world. They are available in hundreds of styles, materials and colours that will suit just about anyone's needs and personality. And they have done it by sticking to their basic philosophy: make them comfortable and make them last.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Birkenstock Boots - Durable Footwear With Sole To Boot

When you think about birkenstock footwear, most likely sandals, and perhaps clogs come to mind. Certainly that is what they are most famous for. Very comfortable, durable sandals that are great for both casual daily wear, and even casual summer parties. Those who have used 'Birks' know that they will last for ages and gently form to the shape of your feet to provide an excellent fit that is just right for you. If you have any doubt, simply slip on another person's pair and you'll understand.
However, Birkenstock has recently added boots to their line of footwear products expanding out from sandals and clogs to include both shoes and Birkenstock boots. Time will tell if they are as successful as the sandal line, but if their sandals are any proof, the boots should be a success as well.
There are 3 basic types - approach/day trip boots in the Birkenstock Alpine series, regular aggressive hiking boots in their Rockford line, and a several trendy boot styles like the Segovia Calf-boot for women.
When you go out to look for a new pair of Birkenstocks, you may find that they fit a little differently than what you are used to. Don’t let this bother you. Simply try on a slightly different size and you should be able to find a pair that is comfortable for your feet.
No question boots are not what made Birkenstock famous. However they their experience producing top end casual footwear gave them a great base for developing a quality line of boots from the start. They were able to do it all without loosing sight of their core principle of simplicity and durability.
So, the next time your go shopping for a quality pair of boots or shoes be sure to check out what Birkenstock has to offer. They may be slightly more costly than other sandals, but they will last much longer, and will be more comfortable on your feet and back as well.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buying Birkenstock Sandals At A Discount

There are many sources of discount Birkenstocks, however to find them you may need to look around a little in your area. Even if Birkenstocks are about the best value for your shoe money, they can be a little expensive, especially if you're outfitting the whole family.
There are three simple ways that you can find Birkenstocks at reduced prices. You can look at retailers of Birkenstocks for sales on last year's models, you can find overstock or liquidation style stores, or shop online and take advantage of reduced costs available online (often with rebates and sales that are only available online).
Another reasonably good place to check for reduced prices on Birkenstocks is through eBay. Many people sell Birkenstocks through online auctions, many at considerably reduced prices from retail, even on current year models. Since eBayers don't have to spend money on setting up their own retail presence, they are able to offer cheaper and discounted prices on Birkenstock sandals or any other footwear by Birkenstock. Just be sure to use the eBay that is closest to you to save on shipping costs.
Birkenstock sandals - if you've never had a pair you don't know what you're missing. You can wear them barefoot in summer or toss on a pair of wooly socks and boot around in your Birkenstock sandals all winter. Well at least that's what we do out here on the west coast.
For those of you "Back East" Birkenstocks and wooly socks may be a bit much, but you can always choose to wear clogs instead during the winter.
The sandals that Birkenstock makes are quite unique. They have a very sturdy cork sole that is really light and naturally water resistant so it holds up well in almost any conditions. The nice thing about the cork is that it slowly forms to your feet so that you get a completely custom fit that provides just the right support.
To be sure some people find that the arch in Birkenstocks does not fit their feet exactly right (I have had this problem), but by trying on slightly different sizes and adjusting the straps on the sandals you should be into a pair of comfy footwear in no time at all.
There are cheaper knockoff versions of Birkenstock footwear, but none of them can come close to matching the quality. The foot-bed is second to none, and the sandal straps are made of high quality softened leather so that the sandals are comfortable from the first day you walk in them. I've had pairs of Birkenstock sandals last as long as 7 years, no other cork-soled leather sandal I've ever owned has even come close.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Buying Shoes At A Bargain Price

Shoes are the part of your personality that matters more then you think. If your dress is like a book to your personality, then Ill say shoes are the title of yourself. If you are wearing a fabulous designers dress along with matching jewelry and wearing a charming make-up including most suited hairstyle, but there is a still a possibility you may not look like a bombshell.
You might be thinking what got wrong? Yes, of course the shoes what else? If your shoes don’t match the mood of your dress, then there is no way that you can create an overall stunning look. On the other hand if you are wearing a good suit (not your one of your best collection), but wearing a nice matching shoe you can give a very elegant look. Shoes are necessary for giving a final touch to a suit. Shoe choice also reflects your sense of style. There are so many shoes styles that now it has become hard to like just one when you go for shoes shopping. At least when I go for buying a shoe, I always end-up buying at least 2-3 pair of shoes.
Besides styles there are lot kinds of footwear available in the market that even make it tougher for you to buying only one pair. On every different event or activity you can wear shoes according to your need. Most commonly used shoes are casual shoes then you have athletic shoes, running, walking, wrestling, sexy, dance, and wedding, bridal, dress, designer, neutralizer, branded, men, women and kids shoes to match with your occasions. You can get a huge variety of shoes in all three main categories as men, women and kids. For any celebration you can get footwear according to the atmosphere of event for women, men and children. There are open shoes, full, boots, sandals, fancy, canvas, and casual for all. Now it also depends on your choice, sometimes you can get a beautiful fancy sandal that may not be comfortable as well, normally high heel pretty gorgeous shoes are not very comfortable but they are worth wearing. And as you know everything has its price. Some people like fancy shoes only and others may only go for casual regardless of any event.
Casual shoes are best and most comfortable to your feet. Doesn’t matter what kind of foot pain you could be suffering from -corns, flat feet, fallen arches, once you find the right pair of casual shoes; you’re not going to want to ever leave home without them.  Now you can find versatility in casual shoes and you can wear it with anything. Well you know what? I know what you are thinking doesn’t matter how comfortable any casual shoe is you’ll certainly go for a designers footwear when going for a party, well I am just telling you, that you can find a large variety in casual shoes, the choice of wearing them will always be yours. Doesn’t matter what shoe you go for but still there are few consideration you should look for.
A proper fit shoes should be the only choice if the shoes fits you properly only then you can see further features in it otherwise don’t buy that shoe doesn’t matter how much you long to do that? When you wear a shoe in a shop, try it and walk in the shop to confirm the right size. Too narrow or too big shoes can only cause pain and discomfort for your foot. The next thing you’ll be considering is your life style, Are you a working lady always on the go or a domestic woman? What sort of activities you perform everyday? As if you are a working woman don’t think of high heel, get nice, elegant comfortable formal wear for you, and also try to go for common colors that can go for a lot of dresses like black, brown or gray. And on the other hand if you remain home and take care of your family then you need casual wear and you can also go for fancy when you go out partying once in a while.
The climate of your dwelling area is extremely important for buying shoes. If you live in a colder region then despite of any kind and style try to buy close warm shoes that you can wear most of the times. And on a warm climate enjoy sandals and open pretty shoes wear. Besides these basic questions there can other needs too that call for other things to look for while purchasing shoes like if you need added support for that you can choose high - topped leather or canvas upper shoe. I’ll say prefer to avoid buying cheap shoes from sales or stall, as neither do they last long nor provide comfort. Try to wear a proper thick sock when you intend to particularly buy a new shoe. These are the tips you can use in buying men and kids shoes too. Regardless of all these tips I am sure you can judge by just merely looking at a shoe whether its worth buying or not. And I am sure this verdict is seldom wrong. Maybe you’ll be thinking why to fuss so much for buying a plain piece of shoes, well Ill say these little minute details add in your personality. And I am sure you’ll not compromise on your personality.